Donnerstag, 19. April 2012

KenFM im Gespräch mit: Evelyn Hecht-Galinski

Ken Jebsen im Gespräch mit Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, Tochter von Heinz Galinski, ehemaliger Präsident des Zentralrats der Juden, über die Causa Grass, Israel-Kritik und die Antisemitismuskeule.


  1. The Madness

    Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
    is a mad dreamer… But he’s not the only one.
    He hopes some day you’ll join him, and the world will be as dust. The madness of Zionist Israel and Zionist run America attacking Iran is obvious. Zionist owned Great Britain again joining the madness. But madness is nothing new to mankind.

    World War I was completely crazy,unnecessary, and achieved no purpose other than destroy Germany’s power and make a few powerful internationalist Zionist bankers (City of London, Wall Street /Washington D.C.) and military industrialists even more powerful. The vast majority of soldiers in World War I got caught up in the spirit of misled patriotism and glory, and failed to ask the big questions about the meaning of the war and the meaning of their lives. They were brainwashed and led to death on the battlefield like sheep. It was only when they came home that they actually began to think. But by then it was too late. Their souls and minds, their lives were ruined

    World War II – The madness of war was revealed again a generation later in 1939. In school we were taught to believe that a lone madman in Germany started the whole damn thing… Hitler was guilty for war crimes, but he wasn’t the only one who was blameworthy and guilty. We now know that Wall Street funded Hitler and put him in power. Hitler was even a British agent? A Rothschild asset trained at the Tavistock Institute? Unbelievable but there is evidence. And we know that the Pearl Harbor story was a lie, too. 9/11 a false flag operation of the same proportion… BIG LIES Giant ones…

    In WWI and again in WWII the misled German people were double-crossed by the Zionists who wanted their ‘state of Israel’ in Palestine at any cost. In the past hundred years Zionist actions had a negative impact on the Jewish people, including Zionist involvement in the Holocaust! After World War II the Tribunals set up to investigate Nazi war criminals were careful to censor any materials regarding the Western assistance to Hitler’s regime! At the very core of Naziism we find Wall Street, including Rockefeller Standard Oil of New Jersey and I.T.T.,represented up to as late as 1944.

    Wall Street played a dominant role in funding the German Nazis, being one part of a consolidation plan for world domination. This interplay of shared ideas and cooperation was only one facet of a vast and ambitious system of cooperation and international alliance for world control.It was “nothing less than to create a world system of financial control,in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole.“
    (Carroll Quigley,CFR insider,“Tragedy and Hope“)

    The Council On Foreign Relations (CFR)played an important role in funding the Nazis,and the CFR orchestrated the post-war investigations to prevent their connections from being made public
    Evidence also suggests that Wall Street and the CFR not only funded, but created the Nazi war machine. There was a concerted effort not only
    to protect German Nazi businessmen and scientists, but also to protect the collaborating elements of American and British finance and business

    An ongoing collaboration between international & NationalZionism and Neo-Fascism /Naziism gone global… destroying national sovereignty worldwide!! World Domination! A World Super State! “New World Order“ totalitarian, anti-human Tyranny called “global democracy“ They’ve never stopped conspiring in secrecy. “Green“ pseudo-environmentalists and eugenicists are the new fascists. Madmen – insane, bloodthirsty running wild…

  2. Demonic New World Odor

    We are considered to be inferior! Along with slaves, useless eaters, and human resources, we are considered to be animals, insects, cattle, breeders, and most of all, goyim, by those who have been most instrumental in pushing an evil and hellish dehumanizing agenda. What’s the fricking message? We’re gonna twist your DNA to shreds. Twirl and spin your outlook till wrong looks right. Defy normal and natural order to create a world of structural, chemical and ethical insanity…

    “There are no ‘standards of Right’. Ethics is balderdash. Each Star must go on its own orbit. To hell with “moral principle”; there is no such thing.“ “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law” preaches Satanic highpriest Aleister Crowley, proponent of everything self - serving and seductively wicked, and Satanic 'illuminated' elites cry “We do what we want!” “By way of deception thou shall do (instigate) war!“ Red Alert!! False Flag Terror by CIA/Mossad/MI5/6
    Global Threat Danger Imminent.They care nothing for you. To them you are ‘nada’ nothing. To them you are animals to be culled. Their mission is to depopulate the earth in order to 'save Gaia'...

    Watch out for strange things unfolding. Every Olympics has been an Illuminati ceremony as it has always been pagan occultism to the bone. But this one coming up is clearly going to be over the top. After all, it is 2012 and in the backyard of the Templar’s City of London, the world power center they are so proud of. Monstrous dragons that they are. Watch out for strange things unfolding... And personally I would steer clear of that whole area as if it were a toxic plutonium waste dump… Something fierce with occult black magic energies that won’t do anyone any good, but only bring greater confusion, fear and total control to the unwary…

    Foolish ceremonial money-wasting crap going on all year. Can you believe it? Nice, keep breaking the British backs with self-aggrandizing empty husk bs blah diddy blah blah diddy blah….
    while the economy tumbles and England returns to a feudal fiefdom. Extravagant IllumOlympics
    to really make things f’d up. Over the top militarized to keep the 'subjects' oppressed (‘safe and secure’) while throwing enough mind-bending ceremonial symbolism of their new world odor.
    This is spiritually deadly. It’s ridiculous. But like all Illuminist symbolism and ritual, it is dead serious…

    And centrally placed on the world stage for all to assimilate. A twisted, fiendish message from hell… If anyone doesn’t realize the extent of the occult black magic ritual going on in front of us, they will summarily be sucked into it, consciously and subconsciously. That’s the bottom line. Wake up or be consumed. In the land of the blind, the One-eyed is emperor.
    The emperor is naked. Mafia criminals who don’t give a crap for humanity. They see us as stupid slaves, useless eaters, animals... Parasites themselves devouring their host...

    Good always eventually wins. Why not wise up and change sides now? You can blow the planet to smithereens and Good still wins… All hands on deck.
    With Love and Affection

  3. Günter Grass hat sich einen weiteren Lorbeerkranz verdient!

    Die Zionistische Kriegstreiberei, die nicht nur einen weiteren Holocaust in Israel (Armageddon) in Kauf nimmt, sondern auch im Iran und im Rest der Welt muss gestoppt werden!! Einen nuklearen dritten Weltkrieg vom Zaun brechen zu wollen - angeblich,'um einen weiteren Holocaust zu verhindern' - ist völlig unlogisch, eben blanker Wahnsinn...